Things governments have done to Norwich

Norwich is over 900 years old and for most of that time existed as a wealthy city in the splendid isolation provided by Norfolk. Well, OK that's not quite true.

Things begane to change greatly, as in many other places, in the 19th century with the Victorians qho built the railways and changed the street map of Norwich significantly. But it the twentieth century brought a whirlwind of destruction first with the German bombs of world war 2 and then in the 60's with what politicians called "improvements".

Along with all this came some dark experiments we weren't told about

Jack's Norwich

Recorded during the Covid-19 lockdown of May 2020

Routes into and through Norwich

MoD test of aerial spraying over Norwich

The Penetration of built-up areas by Aerosols at night - Porton Down Public Area Biological Warfare Experiments on Norwich, 1964

The full story by Mike Kenner

Anglia Square

Before the 1960's the area around Magdalen street was a warren of small court yards housing people in overcrowded conditions. The solution was typical of the time - sweep it all away and rebuild.

The Norwich Magdalen Street Massacre